Mobile game Alone brings an unique experience of survival in nature. The minimalist concept hides a sophisticated simulator of a wild landscape, where your goal will be to survive until you find a civilization or you are found by a rescue mission.

More about game

About game

You found yourself in an unknown place in the middle of the wilderness. What will be your priorities? What can you do to make and hunt? How can you orient yourself in diverse terrain? Will you be surprised by bad weather or will you be caught up by wolves? Everything is up to you!
Discover a vast world in several unique scenarios. Collect valuable items and learn how things work and yout character grows. Draw your own map and note useful information. You will be rewarded for collecting achviements, as well as well placed in the online ranking of the best players!
And all for free and completly without ads! I have been creating the game since 2021 in one person with two main goals - to entertain you with adventure and also to teach you a little about survival techniques in nature :)

Main features


Main features

Support & community

I will be very happy for any feedback! I create the project at my own expense in my free time. I will be very happy if you support the creation, development and maintenance of applications financially.
Please support me by sending any amount after scanning this QR code using your banking application:

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